March 18, 2012

New Layout using an overlay

So I had purchased a pack of paper from Winners a few months ago, it contained paper that had a matching overlay for each sheet.  I had never used an overlay in any of my scrapbook projects before so I looked online on how to attach it to my page with the adhesive at all or showing through. So I combined a couple of the suggestions I found and used them for this page:

I used a mini glue dot under the center of the large dark blue flower and then put a sticker on top of the over lay, and I also used a mini glue dot under the  double flower and then put the double flower on top of the overlay.  The last thing I did to secure the top portion was a put brad on the top of the journaling label.  I first punched a small hole using my big bite and then put the brad through the overlay and the paper underneath.  I must also apologize for the picture quality, overlays are very difficult to take pictures of because they give off a glare.

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