November 17, 2010

Artist Trading Cards

Has anyone out there heard of these before?

Artist Trading Cards, (ATC’S), are miniature works of art created in a 2 1/2” x 3 1/2” format. These cards can be completed in the matter of minutes or take as long as you need. This compact size is a perfect place to try new techniques.

The idea behind them is that they are made to trade. Meeting others and trading is in itself, part of the charm. People all over the world are joining groups and exchanging their miniature creations with each other.

Artist trading cards can be made with any combination of fabric,beads, scraps of paper, photos, batting, decorative thread, yards, wool, paint, stamps, really just about anything! The only rule is the 2 1/2” x 3 1/2” size. Cards are usually quite firm but can be made more firm simply by gluing on a card for backing.

ATC’s can be individual original pieces or one of a series. Each trading card in a series may have a common color, theme or technique that is used on all the cards . To document a series, you can name the group and then number each card one of the total number. Also include on the back of your cards some information about you the artist!

I hadn't heard of them until a co-worker said I should do them so I Googled what they were and now I am to start making my own! What a great idea to get your name out there and your art in the hands of other artists. I have started making a few (and I am only going to make one of a kind originals, some people like to make several of the same, I think (unless it is a photo) that it is more fun making them unique).

I have ordered a stamp (see pic below) from Vistaprint (they have a site in both Canada and the US), so I can stamp the back of each.

When I get a couple collections together I will post pictures.

If anyone on here does there own, I would love to trade in person or by mail.

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  1. I make ATCs too, I love yours (the "glitter batch")--I wish I could make some as pretty as yours! :)