January 5, 2009

2009 Word of The Year

So many words that mean so much, but to choose one to represent me for a whole year, and then share it with the world here, would have to be something that means alot to me right now. Well after much thought and consideration I have decided that my word for 2009 is:


Why Cherish? Well I am 33 and the youngest of 10 children, my parent's are in their mid 70's and I am starting to realize my parents will not be aound much longer so I cherish each and every day I have with them.

I have grown up resounding myself to that fact that I will be still quite young when my parents pass, it saddens me to know that I will not have them around as long as my older siblings have and that they will never see me become a grandparent as some of my older siblings have, or for that matter even be around when my children graduate or get married; so for as long as I have them I will cherish them, and when they are gone I will cherish my memories of them.

I love you Mom and Dad; Happy New Year.

PS *get well soon Mom*

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